TF- PDR imunitetui
TF PDR imunitetui

Transfer Factor – a powerful adaptogen immunocorrector and that increases the body’s resistance

Department of Microbiology, Virology and Immunology MMA. MA. Sechenov

One of the main ways to maintain a normal immune system function and immune reconstitution in immunodeficient states is the use of immunomodulators. In medicine is used a lot of immunomodulators, however, they are unequal in their effectiveness. The most suitable and adequate for the human body natural, natural, so-called endogenous immune modulators, which are based on the substance involved in the regulation of immune processes in humans and animals.

These immunomodulators include “transfer factor”, represents a natural peptide derived from cow colostrum. The main function of this peptide in the body is to provide immune protection against microbes (bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa), cancer cells and other antigenic substances that can disrupt vital processes in the body.

“Transfer factor” stimulates cellular link the immune system, particularly lymphocytes, killer cells, activates the production of immunotsitokinov, regulate immune function.

The advantage of “transfer factor” to others, even well-known immunomodulators, that he has a high ability of the activating effects on the immune system, a broad spectrum of activity, is completely safe and harmless, is administered orally in the form of capsules, has no contraindications, no cause side effects, is equally effective for both adults and children.

Gyerek- TF
Детям с ТФ

“Transfer factor” for many years been successfully used to treat and prevent bacterial, viral, fungal infections, parasitic diseases, malignant tumors, autoimmune, neurasthenic, allergies and endocrine disorders, primary and secondary immunodeficiencies, in diseases accompanied by disturbances of the immune system.

The advantage of “transfer factor” is and what it can be used as a dietary supplement in combination with other compositions, in particular, with the adaptogens, micronutrients, contributing to increased resistance.

Thus, a well-studied and used drug called “Transfer Factor Plus”, which includes extracts of mushrooms, aloe, soy, oats, olive leaf, bark, lemon, nutritional yeast, increase the resistance of the organism. Formulation “Transfer Factor Plus” scientifically based, and all the components that make up the drug, are balanced.

“Transfer factor” certified, produced in the U.S., is used in various countries around the world as a food additive having high immunostimulatory activity.

Anatoly.A. Vorobyov


MD, Professor, Academician of RAMS, Head of the department of microbiology, virology and immunology of MMA. MA Sechenov, 1 st Vice-President of the Russian Federation A MTH, Deputy Academician-Secretary of Medical Sciences, Honored Worker of Science.

FF and FF + received the highest evaluation of the Ministry of Health of Russia, which is reflected in the methodical MZRF letter of 30.07.2004 № 14/231

“Immunorehabilitation in infectious and inflammatory and somatic diseases with Transfer Factor.”