4Life Transfer Factor™ Plus™

4Life Transfer Factor Plus

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4Life® Transfer Factor Plus® Tri-Factor® Formula combines the power of Tri-Factor®

The most actively working drug that increases your immunity up to 437%. This is 4Life’s most powerful formula. they work powerfully when combined: 4Life ® Transfer Factor Plus ® Tri-Factor ®

And if one Chinese or Japanese mushroom is able to affect cancer cells, then imagine how all 4 of them can update the immune system?

Immune system support meets immune boosting nutrition in 4Life’s premium and top-selling formula.  Formula with a proprietary super-mushroom blend (shiitake, maitake, agaricus, and cordyceps) and zinc to help your immune system more effectively recognize, respond to, and remember potential health threats. Recent independent laboratory studies show that 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula bolsters Natural Killer (NK) cell activity in the presence of a health threat, while activating a variety of other immune system cells, such as: B cells, T cells, and macrophages.† Take two (2) capsules daily to nourish, educate, enhance, and balance your immune system.*

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Composition of herbs: – Soy bean extract, reduce blood cholesterol levels.
Chinese Cordyceps extract, participates in anti-tumor and anti-viral protection, it is a natural antibiotic.
-Extract food yeast and oat seeds, contain polysaccharides beta-glucans, destroy the tumor, marking cancer cells as enemies for destruction.
– Aloe leaf pulp powder, acemannan (T-lymphocyte, macrophage). Purify blood, normalize cholesterol levels, enhance the secretory function of digestion, heal wounds.
– Lemon peel, anti-colon cancer, reduces prostate swelling, metastases, fat accumulation and liver cell degeneration.
– Agaricus blazey mushroom extract, antitumor, the best among mushrooms. It is used in combination with chemotherapy. In advanced cancer, with hepatitis, diabetes, allergies.
-Extract of leaves of European Olive, contains elenoic acid, oleutropein and hydroxytyrosol. Anti-inflammation, reduces the activity of the influenza virus., Lowers cholesterol levels, cleanses cells from free radicals. Herpes, candidiasis, influenza and other complex diseases.
-Extract of curly griffins (Maitake mushroom). This is a giant mushroom, healing, suppresses tumor, from hepatitis, regulates pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar.
-Shiitake mushroom extract. There is lentinan, which actino fights cancer cells. Lentinan destroys mutating cells, sucks from hepatitis viruses, influenza, HIV infection. The presence of interferon, strengthens the immune system, reduces cholesterol by 10%, from the formation of blood clots. Minimizes the risk of stroke and heart attack, strengthens nervous system, removes toxins from ornanizma. The main property is to improve metabolism, digestion, breaks down harmful fats.


Who needs Transfer Factor Plus?

People who have severe physical and mental stress. Those who fly with jet lag.
People with the presence or hereditary has a tumor, benign or malignant of any stage. Immune deficiency, infectious diseases of bactericidal or viral origin, fungal and parasitic diseases.
Disease of the spine, joints. From the prostate, for treatment, Prevention and treatment of bronchopulmonary diseases. In case of depression and chronic fatigue.

The main thing! If there are medications prescribed by a doctor, take in conjunction with Transfer Factor Plus.
Children from 2 years old to 5 years old – 1 capsule.
The therapeutic dose is 2-3 capsules per day. In special cases, 6 capsules 3 times a day.
After improving the condition, the product is taken at intervals of 1-3 days, the recommendation of Professor A.Ya. Chizhov.
It is important for everyone to know! If a person has new moles, warts, papillomas on the skin, this does not work immunity! This means that cancer cells are produced, but the destruction does not occur, they accumulate and sooner or later give a tumor growth on the organ. This means the immune system works only by 20%. The correct functioning of the immune system should be urgently established.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.


The drug is harmless to health, but it is recommended to consult with your doctor, with a specialist practicing transfer factors (vertebrologist, nutritionist).

Three capsules contain 10 mg of zinc, 67% of the daily value.

Reception is recommended in difficult cases.