Health and immunity

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Our health and progress

Health is the most important thing for all mankind. But in the modern world, progress is advancing everywhere, affecting the general deterioration of the world ecology and nutrition in particular. The progress of production leads to an increase in radiation and an increase in chemical waste. Our health is deteriorating day by day, and so far neither the doctors nor the scientists of the world have an answer. Now it has become clear that our immunity cannot cope with the work of protecting the body from new viruses and bacteria. Therefore, taking care of healthy immunity has become the main concern of all medical scientists in the world. It became clear that the food and chemical industries feed us and kill us at the same time. It is impossible to feed the entire globe and all the hungry, and even more so to cure it. To take a vivid example, what is happening today, killing the world’s population, is the SARS-2 Covid 19 virus. For two years now, the world’s population has been living hard and in special quarantine conditions. Every year, the virus Covid 19 varies and changes from season to season. This is an indicator of the helplessness of the entire medicine of the world in the face of the threat of a small virus. This practice has shown the whole world how dangerous it is, that it is already useless to use antibiotics. All quickly compiled vaccines work only for a specific type of infection. And now it is clear that we need to adapt to new living conditions and without universal vaccination of mankind, the world will not survive.

What to do and what underlies our health today?

More and more, recently, sick children are born with autoimmune diseases, and senile diseases have begun to get younger. Research by world scientists over the past 60 years has made it possible to establish that our innate and acquired immunity is the basis of health. It has been proven that there are special immune molecules in the body that affect the learning of immune cells. They are ready to protect the person. They are called transfer factors. (TF).

There are 4 types of immune cell problems
1-General weakness of immune cells, or a decrease in their number. This happens with a serious illness, poisoning.
2-Cells of the immune system are in sufficient quantity, but inactive and poorly “see” enemies. As a result, viruses and microbes are successfully introduced into the body and exist for a long time as a chronic infection. If a cancer cell that has emerged as a result of mutations escapes surveillance, it gives rise to a cancerous tumor.
3-Cells of the immune system are too active, and instead of “enemies” they attack the cells of their own body. This is how allergic and autoimmune diseases arise – collagenoses, arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, psoriasis, vitiligo, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis and many others. It has been established that diabetes mellitus and atherosclerosis are also diseases of an infectious and autoimmune origin.
4-Premature aging of immune cells, and as a result – of the whole organism.
Traditional remedies such as aloe juice, noni juice, ginseng, cordyceps, echinacea and others can, to one degree or another, solve type 1 problems with the immune system. With the other three, only Transfer Factors can help. This is where a child or an adult gets sick more than others and more often with complications.
What if you are sick more than you enjoy life?


Weak immunity of the world population

Autoimmune diseases are gaining strength from year to year. Thanks to the American scientist H. S. Lawrence, who solved this problem already in 1948. He found a remedy that helps our immune system to work 100% or more. For a long time, his invention was not appreciated. The patent for the invention lay useless for the time being until David Lissotti found it. He and his wife Ellisabeth bought it and began to seriously develop it in their laboratory and, as a result, created a plant for the production of the most valuable product of our time – the transfer factor, with an affordable price for all members of the 4 life Research USA. Those who receive transfer factors from 1 month, and preferably up to 9 months, are no longer afraid of factors such as feeling unwell or genetic diseases (taking at least 9 months).

Ecology and population of the planet

Every year there are more and more health problems for the entire population of the planet Earth. With the deterioration of the global ecology, the widespread use of antibiotics, from an increase in the rhythm of life in a stressful environment, from the appearance of more and more types of bacteria and viruses, little studied, there is less and less hope for good health. And about the stress in society and not proper nutrition, there is no need to talk. Both scientists and leading doctors of the world have long understood that the reason for the overwhelming number of diseases lies in the poor functioning of the immune system, and prevention of diseases is a comprehensive strengthening of the immune system.

Your health is important to us
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