4Life Transfer Factor MalePro

4Life Transfer Factor MalePro

4Life TF MalePro

4Life Transfer Factor MalePro is a Transfer Factor supplement targeted to support and enhance prostate health in males.

Male endocrinal system, male prostate health.

Provision of antioxidant properties to the body, enhancement in immune system.

4Life Transfer Factor MalePro supports immunity to not just systemic level but also to the depths of cellular level.* It consists of naturally-occurring unique herbal ingredients like broccoli extract, isoflavones, lycopene and saw palmetto for the support and improvement of prostate health.

4Life Transfer Factor MalePro is specifically designed for males aged over or near 40s, and males who are concerned about prostate health. Prostate gland is a vital part of male reproductive and urinary systems and 4Life Transfer Factor MalePro provides all the ingredients needed for optimizing its health.

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Key Benefits

  • Provides essential prostate protection through antioxidants with the help of natural ingredients that promote potency, quality and consistency of male reproductive health.*
  • Selenium and Lycopene, two major antioxidants are a part of this comprehensive formula to protect the body cells and tissues from oxidative damage.*
  • Supports the health of the prostate gland overall.*
  • Saw Palmetto, one of the ingredients, has been proven by numerous studies to promote overall prostate health support.*
  • Combination of saw palmetto with nettle extract and pygeum not only supports endocrinal system of males but also promote overall prostate health, reproductive organ health and urinary function.*
  • Supports the immune system of the body with the help of Targeted Transfer Factor


Targeted Transfer Factor (a patented extract containing Targeted Transfer Factor from cow colostrum and egg yolk), Zinc, Selenium, Saw Palmetto, Isoflavones, Lycopene, Proprietary Blend (Pygeum Extract, Nettle Extract, Soya Bean Extract, Broccoli Extract, Calcium d-Glucarate), lecithin, yellow beeswax, pure olive oil, gelatin, and glycerin.

For special problems:

-MalePro and
– Transfer Factor Plus ® Advanced formula: 3 times a day,
– Transfer Factor BCV (kardio): 1 cap.per day,

– Transfer Factor-Tri- 2 cap. in a day.

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