ÄKwä skin care system

ÄKwä skin care system

 US_akwa_product-group-transferfactor.All over the world, Korean cosmetics are popular and occupy a powerful position. All of it is created from natural ingredients, without fragrances and harmful substances. This system includes a formula, as well as a simple product guide in English. You will enjoy a real ritual experience, care for any skin. ÄKwä can bring a comfortable systemic care to your skin. Packed for 30 days of care, it is the perfect choice for ordering the 4Life loyalty program. We try to choose only the best for you, so that your skin and beauty remain unchanged.

The set contains a wonderful soft foam cleanser: First Wave Oil-to-Foam Cleanser


After your morning wash, spray your face with a fine spray of moisturizer: Glacier Glow Four-Way Toner.glacier-glow-toner-hungary-4life

After applying the cream around the eyes, with light pats: Ripple Refine Eye Cream


Then apply a moisturizer to your face, neck and decalte area, it works the same way as a night cream: RainBurst Moisture Cream


In the evening or before going to the theater, it is recommended to sprinkle your face with a vitamin essence:

Precious Pool Vitamin Essence


There are some great lava masks: LavaPure Volcanic Mud Mask


We recommend applying a thin layer on the face and neck once or twice a week, rinse off with water after 25-30 minutes.

Vitamin mask on a gel base can be used 2-5 times. If the paper base is not thrown away. But carefully put in an envelope and tightly closed. You can use until the gel dries. Box of 5 Lasts for a long time: Royal Bath Sheet Mask