4Life Transfer Factor™ Classic

4Life Transfer Factor Classic


4Life Transfer Factor Classic is an exclusive formula from 4life Research USA that contains molecular transfer factors from bovine colostrum.
The product contributes to the healthy functioning of the immune system. As a result of the intake, the work of immunity is established and the whole organism at the cellular level of DNA begins to work correctly and efficiently. Many and many negative factors (illness) in the human body disappear.

To what do we owe when accepting transfer factors?
Ingredients: XF Ultrafactor (concentration of “transfer factors” of colostrum) – 200 mg / capsule, maltodextrin, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (capsule coating).
The transfer factor contains molecules that relay immune information to immature cells and teach them how to function properly, repel attacks from viruses and bacteria, which then “tune” the immune system to work well.
These molecules, peptides, which serve to transmit immune information, help the immune system more effectively recognize threats to health, remember them as “enemies”, by foreign cells, and transmit information to all cells of the immune system.
This ability: to recognize, transmit, teach, is the main processes of protection from the outside world of all mammals on earth.

Product Features:

4Life Transfer Factor Classic is the perfect immune system booster to help recognize, destroy and remember bacteria, viruses and parasites. The immune system is often “unaware” of certain infections. 4Life Transfer Factor Classic helps “rewrite” the system to restore its ability.
The transfer factor is the “mind of the immune system” and teaches the cells to function correctly and efficiently.
Within 4 hours after using 4Life Transfer Factor, the activity of natural killers of the immune system increases to 103%, and after 48 hours – up to 204%.
At the same time, this product is able to “suppress” an overexcited immune system, as it has a particularly strong suppression (“snap/hang”) function. That is why it is also used in children, pregnant women, and people with allergic and autoimmune conditions.
– As a result of age and stress, the activity of NK cells (natural killer cells) decreases, which leads to chronic fatigue, chronic diseases and cancer.
– 4Life Transfer Factor Classic prevents autoimmune and allergic reactions, normalizes the immune response.
– 4Life Transfer Factor Classic makes it easier to tolerate chemotherapy, radiation, and antibiotic treatment if your doctor prescribes such treatment.


For whom is 4Life Transfer Factor Classic especially recommended?

-for frequently ill children – to improve the functioning of the immune system, prevent infectious and somatic diseases
– for children during the first vaccination period – 10 days before and 10 days after vaccination. Experience shows that a child can take the vaccine easily without complications.
– suffering from allergic diseases. Transfer Suppression Factor (damping / hanging / twisting) controls the activity of the immune system and the ability to stop allergic reactions in the body
– people with an autoimmune disease. For such people, the use of 4Life Transfer Factor Classic is the most likely way to get rid of their disease completely or permanently relieve their symptoms and therefore do not need hormone treatment. In this case, there is simply no alternative to the gain.
– practically healthy people have enough reserves in the immune system to fight pathogens and timely destroy their malignant and mutant cells in the body.
People with chronic conditions are also advised to use 4Life Transfer Factor Classic to help their immune system as early as possible.

Important! In case of illness, the drug should be used in combination with other drugs of the Transfer Factor family and with the treatment prescribed by the doctor.


Application suggestion:

– For the prevention of disease: adults take two capsules three times a day.
– One capsule per day for children under 5 years of age
– one capsule twice a day for children aged 5 to 12 years
In case of illness, the dose may be increased – but be sure to consult a physician who is experienced in the use of transfer factor.

4Life Transfer Factor Classic has been successfully used in the treatment of infectious and parasitic diseases, the treatment of malignant tumors, allergic, autoimmune and endocrinological disorders, as well as obesity and stress.
4Life Transfer Factor Classic is completely harmless and is even recommended for pregnant women (to facilitate childbirth and prevent infections), as well as children with any pathogen, regardless of age.
Even in case of a serious illness (flu, throat or tonsillitis), even children can take one or three 4Life Transfer Factor Classic capsules per hour until they get better.

Product Features

4Life Transfer Factor Classic


  • Ingredients

4Life Transfer Factor (made from cow colostrum (milk)), bulking agent (maltodextrin), gelatine and water.

  • Directions

Take three (3) capsules per day with 240 ml of liquid.

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