Factor Transfer Opening History

Dr.Henry Sherwood Lowrence

Factor Transfer Opening History

In 1949, the scientist Sherwood Lawrence (Dr. Henry Sherwood Lowrence) made a revolutionary discovery in immunology. He found that immune information can be transmitted from one organism to another if an extract of leukocytes with special molecules containing the immune experience of another organism is introduced.

This is mentioned not only in the “paper” encyclopedias, but also in electronic ones, for example Wikipedia:

These molecules, weighing only 5 kilodaltons, are composed of 44 amino acids, and Lawrence called their transfer factors, that is, immunity transfer factors.

The uniqueness of the transfer of factors prompted scientists to study them more deeply. Initially, since transfer factors were found in blood leukocytes, it was precisely the blood of humans and animals that became the first source of their production. However, there were pitfalls here – the risk of contracting HIV infection and viral hepatitis. In addition, donor blood could not provide industrial production. Further studies have established that transfer factors are effective not only for injection, but also for oral administration.

In 1980, it was found that the transfer factors for all vertebrates (humans, animals, birds) are the same, which means that it is not necessary to take it from humans.

The real breakthrough was the fact that more than in blood, the transfer of factors is contained in cow colostrum and egg yolks!

This discovery gave great prospects for the restoration and strengthening of human immunity. The main advantages of using cow colostrum are its practically inexhaustible resource, source safety, ease of use of the final product.

This technology was patented (No. 4816563 dated March 18, 1989). Using this method, only 1 kg of TF concentrate is obtained from 50 kg of dry colostrum (colostrum). The remaining filtered 49 kg are substances that can cause allergies and side effects in humans. It is obvious how pure this drug is.

In 1996, the American David Lizonby bought the patent for transfer of the factor from colostrum and founded the company 4Life Research two years later (in the translation “research for life”). Continuing the company’s research in 1999. releases the second product, Transfer Factor Plus, and in 2004 after the development of our own technology for obtaining the transfer factor from egg yolks (OvoFactor), a unique product with three (!) main components of the Transfer Factor Triple Factor Formula. The following are other products developed by the company’s research department. Among them, we note the “target” ones – this is the Transfer factor Cardio and the Transfer factor Glukouch.