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You can download a document for your daily work with clients:

Product prices are for people who want to buy your sample products from you: Ratall price.

Nearby are distribution prices, much lower: Gustomer Price:

But we strongly advise you to concentrate your customers on buying in the online store

4life Research Hungary.

But we strongly advise you to concentrate your customers on buying in the online store

company 4life Research Hungary through your personal online store, where your sponsor number is # 12345678, this is your MyShop

It looks like this:

Substitute your number and this will be your health and immunity store.

For your family and friends there will be a great discount of 20%. And you get a 25% refund for your first purchase from your store. Euro, dollar or ruble are credited to your bank account if you have officially registered with the company and become its partner. Even if you did not have time to become a partner in the company within 90 days, it is not a problem. The company will reward you because payment will be made to your personal account. But you should know that you can use the money only on a simple order.

Your orders are processed within 4 business days. And we highly recommend placing orders in the Loyalty program. See article about Loyalty order:

More advice!

Show the customer how you place an order through your personal account. Show all the advantages from your receipt of your distribution number. What kind of discounts does the buyer receive, what further way of receiving gifts will give him entry into the special Loyalty program. Unleash the prospect of distributor growth in a company. Show an article on this travel site for company leaders organized annually.


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