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Join us as a privileged customer. Anyone who wants to receive discounts and gifts, do their business, should join 4Life Research as a privileged customer.

Each preferred customer must pay 25 Euros per subscription. This status gives the following benefits:

25% immediate discount
Buy 4Life products at wholesale prices.
Take advantage of the exclusive loyalty program 4Life
Monthly parcels to the door of the house, apartment
15% refund in the form of commodity credits to a P / account
Free product of the month (for orders from 125 LP and more)
Sponsorship and Distributor Status 4Life Research

Being a distributor is:

After registering as a new preferred customer and having 100 LP (points for the Loyalty program) or more points in the first order, you must submit the Distributor Application Form signed by you and a copy of your ID / passport (or any other official photographic document) to the central European office .

All necessary documents must be submitted within 90 days from the date of online registration of the new preferred customer. All documents must be sent to the Hungarian e-mail address: hungary@4life.com

You must also send your bank details (bank account number, IBAN, SWIFT) to receive monthly bonuses. You can send us a copy of any account or use our banking form, which we will send you at your request. This is necessary to accrue bonus money for work in the company in the status of 4Life Research distributor.

As a distributor, you can enjoy the benefits of Life Reward Basics, many 4Life promotions, if you use it yourself or your customers order products from your My4Life page.

It is important to know!

What internet orders on www.4life.com need to do from the page of your country of residence. Choose your country to avoid unnecessary delays in the processes and delivery. Orders placed on European sites can only be shipped within your country.

Order by phone by calling our support team. We are waiting for your questions on the free number of your country: +36 80 088 108

How do you pay for orders?

Distributors or preferred customers can pay for their orders in the following ways.

Bank Card: Visa and Mastercard
Paypal: available only for online orders and after the first order.

* Distributors can also use the AR bonus.

Loyalty program orders can only be paid by credit card.

Loyalty Program Information

Loyalty program orders go every month automatically and parcel delivery too. There is no need to register in the loyalty program every month, but it is recommended to log in immediately after registering on the site. This is if you want to take advantage of the Builder Bonus, you need to activate a monthly loyalty order of 100 LP.

Loyalty programs can be used by preferred customers and distributors for orders over 50 LPS. The system automatically generates its first loyalty order for the next month.

European shipping rates: zones 1 and 2

All ordered goods are shipped from our Spanish warehouse at UPS (or SEUR for the Canary Islands), with a minimum shipping charge of € 6 for zone 1 and € 9 for zone 2 (Hungary)


If you intend to systematically make orders for the Loyalty program, if you sign one, second or third distributor who make their monthly orders for the Loyalty program, then you automatically become the leader for these people, and therefore their sponsor (training business) and inroller (who invited company). For your orders and theirs, you, as a leader, will receive monthly payments in euro forint to your bank current account.