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Transform BURN

Burn is an English word meaning “burn, burn.” The product contains a thermogenic blend of natural ingredients that help the body burn fat, speed up the metabolism, reduce appetite and provide the energy needed for sports.

What is a thermogenic mixture?

It consists of ingredients that increase the body’s heat production by burning calories. Thermogens help the body speed up metabolism and burn fat under the skin.

Fat deposits are not only an aesthetic problem, but also lead to diabetes, hypertension and other diseases.
• Excessive fat in the stomach prevents the functioning of internal organs, which can lead to inflammatory processes, impaired function and permeability of the intestine, as well as diseases of the liver and bladder.
• Excess fat in the stomach leads to metabolic problems that play a crucial role in the development of type 2 diabetes.
• Obesity also has a negative effect on the functioning of the endocrine system, as the balance of hormonal balance is disturbed. Fat accumulated in the body increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

4Life Transfer Factor BURN ™

Composition and characteristics of the product

• Citrus extract (grapefruit, orange, bitter orange) helps burn fat, improves efficiency and metabolism, generates heat, reduces appetite, but does not cause concern.
• Forskolin root extract promotes fat burning, produces heat and reduces appetite. Experiments show that forskloin accelerates fat loss, maintains muscle flexibility during the diet, increases testosterone levels, bone density, and improves mood.
• Wild mango seed extract promotes weight loss, reduces appetite, speeds up metabolism and fat burning, and also prevents fat deposition.
• Cayenne pepper extract does not cause a hot mouth. It promotes fat burning, improves performance and metabolism, produces heat, enhances the positive effect of exercise, maintains normal blood circulation, reduces appetite, but does not cause concern.

It is recommended to take 1 caps. Before and after intense physical exertion.

4LifeTransform Burn focuses on making sure your healthy eating and tough workouts are optimized for the best outcome. Learn how this product can help you achieve your ideal body composition.*

4LifeTransform Burn™ Product Overview   https://youtu.be/EJElO-XPEWE