ENERGY Go Stix Berry flavor

  • ENERGY Go Stix Berry flavor

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  • Product Features
  • Perfect start to the day. Energize for the whole day. Great substitute for coffee and tea. All these ingredients are present in this berry flavored drink.
  • It’s important to know!• Contains transfer factors (immune messenger molecules) that help educate immune cells and help the immune system to recognize more effectively. The composition helps to properly respond to the threats of various viruses and various pathogens.• A mixture of amino acids: taurine, glutamine, arginine. This part of the composition has a complex positive effect on the body.

    The listed amino acids are suppliers of “building material” for tissues, protect brain cells, increase physical endurance, promote muscle growth, and have a positive effect on nervous processes. • Tonic component: mate extract, green tea, guarana have a balanced invigorating effect, give strength, increase concentration and speed up thought processes. Relieving pressure and balancing it.

    • Supports your efforts to control body weight by normalizing metabolism.

    • The product is exclusive and protected by US Patent Nos. 6,468,534 (Extraction Process for Transfer Factors from Egg Sources) and 6,866,868 (Process for Combining Transfer Factors from Bovine Colostrum and Egg Yolks).

    Did you know?

    The leaves of Paraguayan holly, or mate, are widely used in South America to make an energy and tonic drink that is also uplifting. The indigenous people call it the drink of the gods and have been using it for many centuries to activate mental work.

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