Longevity and rejuvenation with TF

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Longevity and rejuvenation with TF

At all times, the dream of any person is to live long and stay young and vigorous. They have not yet invented the rejuvenating pill. But women want to stay young and attractive, and men to be strong. Let us examine the basic concepts of “rejuvenation and longevity.” Body rejuvenation is a complex intracellular mechanism. The visible effect will come only after the application of comprehensive measures that will be aimed at improving the condition of all organs and systems of the human body.

And the main advice! Do not forget about the use of large amounts of pure boiled water. After all, water enters the cells and cleans them of toxins. Two liters of water a day is a desirable norm for a person, not counting other types of liquids: tea, coffee, soups. Without proper nutrition and taking the required amount of water, body rejuvenation will be difficult. We will advise you, tested by all distributors of 4LIFE RESEARCH, Rejuvenating effect. Rejuvenation with Transfer Factors. Transfer Factors have become a real breakthrough in this direction not only health promotion, but also rejuvenation of the body for 5-10-15 years. Finally, an unrivaled efficacy drug became available that initially reduces the impact of adverse external factors on our body and rejuvenates it. The use of Transfer Factor improves over 100 biochemical parameters in the body, making it possible to get a huge difference between biological and calendar age. The earlier the transfer of factors begins at an earlier age, the easier and quicker it is to approach ideal health and maintain it in such a state for many years. When should you start taking a flowing rejuvenation program? From 25-30 years. Why so early? Because after 30 years, the collapse of the immune system begins. We have a special organ, the thymus gland (thymus gland), which maintains our immune system in good working condition (and even then not at all), but only up to 25-30 years.

Chart from the Japanese journal Immunology, 2006

At 60 years old, it is already three times less than at age 16, and in older people, who died not from diseases, but simply from old age, it is absent. Apparently, according to the logic of natural selection, to continue our lives, by 30 years we everyone should already do. Blind nature does not see the point in our future existence … But the creator gave us reason, including to break free from the shackles of natural selection and live happily ever after. Humanity is ingenious! The Transfer Factors that carry the very basic, basic immune information that gets into our thymus at birth. It is the same in all vertebrates. Taking it from animals and using it regularly, we simply replace the atrophied thymus and give our immune system the same qualitative information, but directly, through Transfer Factors. And today there are great products that allow you to maintain high activity, a sharp mind and love at any age. to life. The name of this magnificent tool is Transfer Factor. Transfer factor and longevity. Chizhov A.Ya. Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor.

Transfer factor and longevity. Chizhov A.Ya. Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor

A naping rejuvenation program for women:

And a naping rejuvenation program for men:

When rejuvenating men, add the Transfer Factor MEN, 2 capsules Transfer factor.

When rejuvenating women, add Transfer Factor Woman®, 2 capsules Transfer factor.

Professor Yezhov and Kutuzova