General application rules

General application rules

When using transfer factors, you need to remember its main properties: absolute safety and the ability to restore the body’s defenses to normal.

The immune system, having regained its strength and “regaining its sight”, will put things in order in your body in the best possible way!


Basic principles of applying transfer factors:

The transfer factor is safe and there are no overdoses of it. Therefore, you can take it both courses and constantly. For preventive purposes, it can be taken by anyone who wants to protect themselves from cancer, heart attack, stroke, infections, allergies and autoimmune diseases. In other words, EVERYONE needs a transfer factor for prevention!
Transfer factor is perfectly combined with the use of any dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, vitamin and mineral complexes. The choice is yours.
Transfer factor is combined with any treatment (including medication) prescribed by your doctor. REMEMBER, please, that in case of diseases it is important to use TF in combination with the treatment prescribed by a doctor until the health problem is successfully resolved.

General Recommendations for Using Transfer Factors

It is recommended to take transfer factors before meals or during meals with a glass of water.
It is better to start taking transfer factors with TF CLASSIC according to an increasing scheme:
5 days – 1 capsule 3 times a day

  • 5 days – 2 capsules 3 times a day
  • 5 days – 3 capsules 3 times a day
    Then you can go to one of the targeted programs.
    Each jar of product with transfer factors is intended for prophylactic use by adults for a month. This determines the number of capsules for daily use.

For example: • TF Classic, TF Plus (90 cap) – 1 capsule 3 times a day

  • TF Tri-factor, TF Bell Wi (60 cap) – 1 x 2 times a day
  • TF Cardio, Glukoouch (120 cap) – 2 capsules 2 times a day

Five . For children, the number of capsules taken for prevention is reduced: •

Children from 0 to 7 years – 1/3 of the adult dose (TF Classic, 1 capsule per day). Infants can pour the contents of the capsule into baby food.

  • Children from 7 to 12 years old – 2/3 of the adult dosage
  • Children over 12 years old – as in adults

In the presence of chronic diseases, it is possible to increase the dosage of taking transfer factors by 2 times (‘program 6’), and in case of cancer by 3 times (‘program 9’)
If an exacerbation of chronic diseases occurs during administration of transfer factors, it is recommended to temporarily replace targeted products (Cardio, Glucouch, Plus, Bell Wi) with Classic TF or Tri-factor TF according to the “capsule per capsule” principle. When removing the exacerbation, you need to return to your chosen program for receiving targeted transfer of 50 factors. At the same time, we recommend taking SUPER DETOX 1 capsule 2 times a day
In case of acute infectious disease, it is recommended to immediately take 5 capsules of TF TRAY-FACTOR Formula, and 2 capsules of SUPER DETOX, then take 1 capsule every hour until the condition improves (15-18 capsules per day are possible). In the future, dosages are reduced to preventive.

In case of an acute allergic reaction or exacerbation of an autoimmune disease, it is recommended to immediately take 5 capsules of CLASSIC TF, then take 1 capsule every hour until the condition improves (15-18 capsules per day are possible). In the future, dosages are reduced to preventive.
Local application of transfer factors is possible (usually TF Classic, TF Tri-Factor Formula and TF Plus are used):
Drops in nose and eyes (suspension in boiled water)
Insufflation – drawing the powder into the nasal passages
Rectal and vaginal suppositories – on a neutral basis using Transfer factors
Ointments, creams and powders with the addition of Transfer factors
Duration of use: Transfer of factors to restore immunity in various diseases is 9 months or more. A noticeable healing effect, as a rule, manifests itself after 3 months of using products with transfer factors

Transfer factor is not intended for the treatment of any particular disease, it is a natural mechanism for regulating and maintaining the immune system in optimal condition. All recommendations should be agreed with your doctor.

Alexey Krainov, practicing physician, neurologist, nutritionist, natural recovery specialist.
Julia Krainova, specialist in internal medicine, reflexologist, nutritionist, dermatologist

Information taken from the book: Krainov Yulia and Alexey “Transfer factor-key to health”