What’s My4Life?

What’s My4Life?

What’s My4Life?

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Оnline shopping 4life

This personalized account is available to all 4Life distributors free of charge. My4Life makes reselling products and enrolling new team members easier than ever before. No additional signup is required.

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Get My4Life

If you prefer to use an approved name instead of your 4Life ID number, just log in to your 4life.com Account. For example, a customized website would be 4life.com/JohnSmith.

Guest checkout

If you are a distributor, your customer will be able to purchase products as a guest, and not log in or register. Be sure that every purchase in your My4Life account is counted in your main volume (PV). If you are a preferred customer, customers can shop through your My4Life account. However, they must register as preferred customers to complete their purchases. As soon as you personally register one Preferred Client, you will become a distributor. As a distributor, your customers can use My4Life guest verification without registration.

Enroll people in your organization

People can easily join your team via your My4Life account. When someone enrolls through your My4Life, you will automatically be assigned as his or her sponsor and enroller. However, if you prefer, you can specify another enroller and/or sponsor. Once a guest has visited your My4Life website, 4life.com will remember so that person can easily return to your website even if he or she forgets your 4Life ID.

Share your contact information

Guests visiting your My4Life website can easily find your contact information in the upper left corner of any page. You can update your contact information in the Account Management section of your 4life.com Account.

Account management

The My4Life experience is automatically available to you when you enroll as a Preferred Customer. Log into your 4life.com Account and visit the Account Management section to customize your account and establish your unique hosted link.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: How do I activate my My4Life account?

A: When you enroll as a Preferred Customer, your My4Life account is active and ready to use. As long as your distributorship or Preferred Customer status is in good standing, your My4Life account will remain active. Review the information in the Account Management section of your 4life.com Account to ensure everything is correct.

  • Q: How do I use My4Life?

A: Once you create your preferred My4Life link, share it with your friends, family members, and prospects. Add the link to your email signature, share it on Facebook, put it on your business card, and print out labels to stick on the 4Life Product Catalog and other tools. The options are endless!

  • Q: Do I get credit for the purchases made on My4Life account?

A: If you are a distributor, every purchase on your My4Life account counts toward your Principal Volume (PV), whether or not the purchaser has enrolled in your organization.