What is Immunity?


Currently, the question of the health of the nation and the increase in immunity at different ages is being raised more and more.

What is Immunity?

Few people understand what it is and how to determine their immunity, good or weak. Immunity (from Latin immunitas – liberation, getting rid of something). The body’s immunity to infectious and bacterial agents and substances with antigenic properties. Antigen is a microbe or protein that has entered the human body with a different genetics.
The human immune system protects the body from everything genetically foreign:
1. parasites, living organisms that invade the human body – viruses, bacteria, protozoa, worms;
2. tumor (cancer) cells;
3. foreign organs and tissues taken from donors and transplanted into the body.
There are different types of immunity
* natural – congenital (phagocytosis, protective properties of the skin, mucous membranes, etc.) or acquired, after an illness, known to everyone as a “childhood” disease.
* artificial – acquired by the body from vaccines.
Reduced human immunity
– Rapid fatigue, weakness, feeling of weakness. After waking up in the morning, a person does not feel rested.
– Frequent recurrence of acute respiratory infections. More often than 3-4 times a year.
– The occurrence of allergic, autoimmune, oncological diseases.

What threatens us with the reduced work of immunity?
Malfunctions of the immune system are fraught with serious consequences. First of all, experts note an increase in heart disease (myocardial infarction, arthritis, atherosclerosis). The response of a weakened immune system is unpredictable. Special immune-strengthening agents will help restore and maintain immunity, but they can be taken only after consulting a doctor. There are other additional ways to maintain it, the main one of which is maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
The basic principles of a healthy lifestyle
• One of the basic principles of maintaining a healthy lifestyle – First, adherence to the rules of personal hygiene.

Second, it is necessary to eat only washed and clean foods, not to abuse meat and unhealthy foods.

Third, visits to doctors, dentists and other medical professionals.
• Finally, lead an active lifestyle. The principle of “movement” should become the main thing in the life of every person. Exercise in the morning, work out in the gym. Take into account the rate of physical activity, taking into account age and physiological characteristics.

The latter is the rejection of bad habits. A person needs to realize the harmful effects of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs on his body.

• A person leading a healthy lifestyle should pay great attention to healthy eating.

Healthy eating


Meals should be moderate, overeating, eating on the go should be avoided. You can not eat expired, slightly spoiled foods. From food, the body receives almost all the nutrients it needs, which it uses for human life. It is also necessary to monitor the quality of drinking water. Do not eat tap water intended for household purposes.
• Particular attention should be paid to hardening the body.

Hardening the body

Hardening is the process of training the body for a more stable transfer of temperature exposure. A person who is engaged in hardening is less likely to get colds and other diseases, has a stronger immunity.

Healthy sleep
• The main thing for health is healthy sleep. The duration of sleep is 7-8 hours a day, depending on the needs of the body. Lack of sleep can develop “chronic fatigue syndrome”, which becomes the cause of constant weakness, rapid fatigue, depression, bad mood. This condition threatens with a sharp decrease in the protective functions of the body.

• Stress is the main enemy of immunity, which can provoke the onset of diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, and cause a hypertensive crisis. The advice is to learn to calmly relate to everything, no matter what happens.

“Genetic portrait”
The last condition for strong immunity is the hereditary genetics of the genus, its “genetic portrait”. However, everyone’s lifestyle, habits, nutritional conditions, emotional stress have an equally important influence. The person himself creates conditions that can strengthen or weaken the immune system. It only depends on the person: to allow or not to allow the disease to prevail over the body.

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