Трансфер факторы для мам и детей

Mother- Baby-transfer-factor

A healthy child is every parent’s dream!

For many families, it was a pipe dream to have a child with absolutely no illness. According to the results of a survey of first-graders in Moscow in 2014, only 0.4% were recognized as absolutely healthy. In all developed countries a similar picture …
Why did it happen?

First of all, due to the interruption of the chain of immune information, which was collected, carefully stored, improved over millions of years, and then carefully transmitted to the newborn with the first drops of colostrum. Then antibiotics, stress, infections, rapidly mutating viruses, GMOs, preservatives, vaccinations, etc were added; radiation and electromagnetic, noise pollution and so on, so on, so on … Each subsequent generation, starting from the 20s of the last century, had more and more deviations in the work of immunity.

Transfer factors for mothers and children.

Fortunately, today there is an available opportunity to restore the proper functioning of the immune system. And already she will see the problems and find solutions. Transfer factors are widely used in pediatrics! 50 years of research has convincingly proven that transfer factors are completely safe and have no side effects. They have no age restrictions. It is also impossible to overdose them.

Gyerek- TF-4life


Ideal option: during 9 months BEFORE pregnancy, and then DURING pregnancy, using transfer factors to prepare the body of future parents for the most important mission: conceiving, carrying and giving birth to a HEALTHY baby. Health is also an excellent intellect, memory, calm, even behavior. And in the future, a craving for new knowledge.
Since the formation of the baby’s immunity ends by the age of 5, it is important that this formation takes place according to the reference pattern, which is the transfer factor! For a healthy child, large doses of transfer factors are not required. Consistency is more important.

That is, in any initial situation, especially if the child is not healthy, it is important to start taking transfer factors as soon as possible.

Children’s doctors about Transfer Factors

A.G. Bokovoy

Academician A.G. Bokovoy – the head of the children’s department of the Central Clinical Hospital under the Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation, popularly called the “Kremlin Clinic”, Doctor of Medical Sciences, at a medical conference noted that compulsory practice was introduced in his department: “When entering the admission department, the child simultaneously receives a transfer factors to start the healing process as soon as possible. ” Notice! Even before the diagnosis is made !!! Because it is impossible to harm the transfer by factors, and the first results in the blood test are visible after 4 hours.

At present, a 350-page manual for pediatricians by Academician A.G. Bokovoy has been published. “Immunorehabilitation for herpes infections in children and their parents”

Academician A. G. Bokovoy,
Head of the 5th Children’s Infectious Disease Department of the Central Kremlin Hospital with a polyclinic of the Administrative Department of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor.



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