Transfer Factor during pregnancy

Transfer Factor during pregnancy


Pregnancy is one of the most important and crucial moments in a woman’s life. This event, when a new person comes into the world, everything changes, the woman becomes a mother.

It is very alarming that many girls are rather frivolous about the appearance of a baby, and it is on them that the health and happiness of the baby depends, this is a huge responsibility for which one must be prepared.

It is necessary to understand that the health of the child directly depends on how healthy the expectant mother is. Immunity plays a key role here, it is not just protection against colds, it is the organized work of specific organs, cells responsible for regulating the work of the whole organism as a whole.

The immune system the expectant mother is
The immune system recognizes everyone on the principle of “friend or foe”, and all aliens are subject to destruction. It is in this function that the difficulty lies in the birth of a new organism and gestation, because the child is perceived by the immune system as something alien. Often, a miscarriage is precisely the reaction of the immune system, which has decided that there is an “invasion of enemies”.

However, nature has very wisely and simply resolved this issue. During the period of the birth of a new life, the entire body of the mother, and of course the immunity, undergo global changes, everything adjusts to the new task – to bear the child. The placenta, the film surrounding the embryo, serves as a kind of buffer zone for the separation of two organisms in one body.

The baby the immune system
The baby, like the mother, needs protective mechanisms, and it is here that a very important exchange takes place, so that rejection does not occur, the mother supplies the child with her antibodies, thus the formation of innate immunity occurs.

From the above, it becomes clear how the first defense system of the child’s body is formed. And what if the mother’s immunity is in a depressed state, weak, it is constantly undermined by smoking, drinking alcohol, frequent illnesses, one can imagine what kind of immune status the child will receive. The main “gifts” from mom will be permanent diseases, and, possibly, chronic pathologies.

Today medicine has made great strides forward, there are a huge number of drugs, but when carrying a child there are many contraindications, some drugs are not only impossible, but they can harm the baby. So what to do if the disease still caught the expectant mother, or her immune system is so weak that there is only one step to the disease.

Transfer factors will help – information molecules that are components of our immune system. They carry out the transfer, storage and transmission of immune information between cells.

Most doctors agree that diseases are the result of the fact that the immune system missed, allowed, overlooked, in a word, worked incorrectly, and as a result – the disease.

Transfer factors of immune information
Transfer factors help the immune system diagnose disorders, malfunctioning at the cellular level, share information on how to correct the violation and, thereby, solve the root of the problem, disease, and restore adequate immune function.

Transfer factors do not grossly interfere with the work of organs and systems; they have no restrictions or contraindications for any reason.

Pregnant women really need the Transfer Factor, because the body is in a state of stress, and stimulating the immune system is fraught. Transfer Factor will not allow hyperactivity and rejection of the fetus, it will help to form the innate immunity in a growing organism as correctly as possible, the mother will transfer only the best to the child. Using Transfer Factor will be useful both when planning pregnancy and during gestation, it will help to give birth to a healthy and happy baby.

baby's- immune -system

A question from mothers to doctors: “The jar says that it is forbidden to use by pregnant and lactating women. So is it still possible?” The answer of Russian doctors:

The recommendations on the labels are written in accordance with the CLINICAL research conducted. The fact is that clinical trials are not carried out on pregnant women in principle, and TF is no exception. And since there was no research, it means that you need to write the restrictions. That is, it is a proforma.

In fact, you and I know that:

– transfer factors are present in the body of all vertebrates without exception, and this is an irreplaceable and necessary component of the immune system,

– transfer factors are present in colostrum – and this is the nutrition of newborns, and there is nothing safer for the baby,

– many years of experience in the use of transfer factors in different countries in different patients has shown and proved absolute safety and the absence of possible overdose.

Moreover, there is an objective need for the use of TF in pregnant and lactating mothers, because around the dominance of infections, including intrauterine infections, which can cause enormous harm to the health of the newborn.




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