The smell of cancer

The smell of cancer


The disease can be identified by the specific odor emitted by a person.

Dermatologist Irina Skorogudaeva argues that the smell of sweat in a person can determine serious illnesses and even oncology. She announced this on the air of the TV channel “Russia 1”.

The specialist explained that many serious diseases lead to the fact that his smell becomes somewhat specific. So the smell of sweat of a person with cancer is often similar to the smell of stale meat.

Diseases of the kidneys and liver can be accompanied by a clearly noticeable smell of ammonia; diabetics sometimes have the smell of rotten apples or acetone, because ketone bodies are formed in this disease, which are converted into acetone.

In addition to a special aroma, oncological diseases can be indicated by an elevated temperature that lasts for a long time. Anxiety should be caused by various seals in the body, a change in the appearance of moles and warts, a prolonged cough and sudden hoarseness of the voice, as well as difficulty swallowing and indigestion.

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