Program: Healthy stomach

Program: Healthy stomach

The main reasons for the development of diseases of the stomach and intestines are:

Improper diet – food that is too hot, chewing food quickly and carelessly (haste when eating, bad teeth), abuse of hot spices and herbs
Systematic overeating and eating disorders
Drink plenty of fluids with meals. In this case, excessive dilution of digestive juices occurs, which leads to overstrain of the pancreas and disrupts the process of digestion
Food after 22 hours. In the evening, the digestive process is inhibited, so late eating is often the cause of digestive disorders
Overloading the pancreas. The pancreas is an indispensable supplier of enzymes for digesting food mass in the intestine (lipase for fats, amylase for carbohydrates, and protease for proteins), but if it is not properly eaten, it cannot cope with its 69 work. And then the undigested mass clutters up the intestines, is broken down by bacteria, processes of decay and fermentation begin in it, which leads to the development of various disorders.
Constant nervous tension, stress
Dysbacteriosis – a violation of the normal composition of the intestinal microflora
Helicobacter pylori – often the main cause of gastritis and peptic ulcer disease • Drug abuse
Inappropriate behavior – smoking, alcohol abuse, excessive coffee consumption
Chronic illness, weakening of the immune system.

About the principles of proper nutrition Since the time of Hippocrates, it is believed that 90% of all diseases a person receives at the table, eating not what his body needs. The most important thing in nutrition is that the food that enters the body must be assimilated by it. Incompletely digested food is hardly removed from the body, causing poisoning, illness and excess weight.


Peptic ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer is a complex pathological process, which is based on the inflammatory response of the body with the formation of damage to the mucous membrane of the stomach or duodenal ulcer.

The most common CAUSE of peptic ulcer disease is currently considered to be the bacteria Helicobacter pylori (HP), as a result of the multiplication of which in the stomach and duodenum 12 occurs: • Inflammation, impairing gastric motility • Increase in the acid-forming function of the digestive glands • Weakening of the protective mucosal barrier For prevention and In the treatment of peptic ulcer, dietary nutrition is of great importance, as well as the use of Transfer factors. The main goal is to maintain your own immune system and restore the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract.

So how do you eat right?

We love the nutritional program that natural medicine offers – the science of achieving health through natural remedies. This program is based on the general laws of nature and the characteristics of the physiological rhythms of the human body. Here are some basic principles of natural nutrition that are clear and easy to use. It is especially easy and correct to go to them in combination with the use of Transfer Factor, as well as vitamin and mineral dietary supplements.

1. The principle of compliance with the natural cycles of the body. Our body assimilates food in accordance with three regular daily cycles, which are built according to its physiological rhythms:

• From 4 o’clock to 12 o’clock in the afternoon – removal of waste and unnecessary food residues, to remove toxins and toxins, and any food at this time is undesirable. The main thing to remember is that digestion takes up more energy than any other process. Therefore, try to combine foods correctly. Food is digested in the stomach for 2-3 hours, and a cutlet with potatoes or pasta will rot in the stomach and take away your vital energy within 8 – 12 hours!

• From 8 pm to 4 pm – assimilation (assimilation and use of food). During this cycle, our body absorbs and uses nutrients from food. Try to eat early so that the food leaves your stomach before you go to bed. A good night’s rest will allow your body to move to the cycle of removing toxins and waste products – and this is the main condition for maintaining health.

Detoks Transfer Faktor


This is a viral disease in which the main and defining sign of the disease is liver damage. All viral hepatitis studied to date are divided into two main groups that differ from each other in the way of infection – intestinal infections (viral hepatitis A and E) and blood infections (viral hepatitis B, C, D)

Viral hepatitis A is one of the most common intestinal infections, which is transmitted most often through poor-quality drinking water.
Viral hepatitis B, C are among the most common blood-borne infections on earth. According to WHO, more than 1 billion people are infected with viral hepatitis B. This disease is characterized by the most severe course – 10% of patients subsequently develop chronic hepatitis, ending in liver cirrhosis.
Veniamin Petrovich, 40 years old, Kamensk-Uralsky
He has been sick with hepatitis C for 15 years, took the treatment prescribed by the doctors, but there was no result – the PCR remained positive. I started taking TF Classic in an increasing scheme 1-2-3 (I drank a jar in 15 days). Then he continued to take TF Tri-Factor 2 capsules 3 times a day in combination with TF Plus – 2 capsules 3 times a day.
Result: at first there were unpleasant sensations in the liver area (at the beginning of such a program). However, then it became much better, the state of health improved constantly, he himself believed that he could be cured. After 6 months, the PCR test showed the norm.