Medicinal dandelion

Medicinal dandelion


Medicinal dandelion is an unpretentious plant, but containing a good half of the chemical elements of the periodic table.
Sodium, potassium, manganese, magnesium, aluminum, iron, copper, calcium, as well as vitamins A, C, F and group B.
Dandelion “elixir of life”
Dandelion “elixir of life”, has analgesic, choleretic, diuretic, diaphoretic, anti-inflammatory and tonic effects.
In France, it is bred on plantations. Its leaves are used in salads, flowers are used to make a wonderful medicinal jam for a hundred diseases. Wine is no less healing, flower buds are preserved and pickled, using them in salads, vinaigrettes and hodgepodges instead of capers. In autumn, the roots are dug up and the healthiest and healthiest coffee is made from them.
From the whole plant (leaves, roots, flowers) produce canned juice – a wonderful medicine. Even Parisians treat their sore joints with arthritis and polyarthritis very simply and effectively – as soon as dandelions bloom, they look for their yellow flowers in flowerbeds and parks, pick 10 pieces and carefully, chew them for a long time into gruel, and then swallow. Those who have these diseases in a chronic form – they dry the flowers for the winter. And then steamed with boiling water and eat 1 tbsp. per day in the morning on an empty stomach. Those who have vasoconstriction or coronary heart disease do not eat flowers, but raw flower stems – from 5 to 10 pieces in the morning on an empty stomach 2 hours before breakfast, chewing thoroughly.
In general, the best, simplest and most affordable remedy for cleansing the blood and lymph, for increasing hemoglobin is our native dandelion. The medicine, which is always underfoot, is also unusually effective for increased acidity of gastric juice.
The Germans still use it as a sedative and hypnotic. And they are right. Dandelion has a lot of magnesium – that’s why it is so good at treating nerves, heart and blood diseases. Dandelion leaves are high in phosphorus, more than other leafy vegetables. And phosphorus is healthy, strong teeth.

What else is useful dandelion?
In the spring, salads are made from the leaves, which treat the liver, as well as cholelithiasis, gastritis, beriberi, anemia, skin diseases, improve appetite and digestion. For those who use them daily and regularly, the complexion improves, a healthy glow returns and the skin is gradually cleansed, acne, pimples, boils disappear without a trace.
All parts of the dandelion have healing properties – roots, leaves and flowers. Its roots contain natural substitutes for starch and sugar (as a dietary product, it is perfectly absorbed in diabetes, kidney and gallbladder diseases).
Dandelion removes toxins from the body and stimulates the activity of the cardiovascular system.

Raising the tone, it improves mood.
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