Information for the distributor

My4life-9557141Information for the distributor

Application for an agreement
If you or your future distributor want to register for the purchase of products at a wholesale price, become a preferred buyer, then you can use the registration below. All registered people on this site, at your request, will be registered on the company’s main website: https: // hungary / #

# is the sponsor’s number of the inviting person to the business.

The sponsor’s number of your distributor (newbie) will be sent to the email address given, fill in the main body of the letter in more detail. Be sure to include the BEGINNING surname, name, address for receiving the parcels, telephone number, indication number (Hungarian passport) and distributor e-mail address (novice), with the login password.

Use the identification number of the person of the 4-life Research company who first introduced you to the product.(This is a rule that we all must abide by).

The password of your mail (newbie) can later be replaced with a new one.


If you yourself came to this site and did not fill in the identification number of the person, then you automatically get a sponsor and inroller, the leading Hungarian group: Szvercsokne Dumnova Marina, # 9557141