Club Entry Rules 4life Researh Hungary

Club Entry Rules 4life Researh Hungary

Distributor- 4life- Research
Distributor 4life Research

Club Entry Rules 4life Researh Hungary




  1. What paperwork do Preferred Customers have to send? There is no specific paperwork, but they do need to subscribe via the website or fill in the form and email it to customer service.
  2. Can anyone sign up to be a Distributor? No, to be a Distributor you need to fulfil the requirements of each country.
  3. Can you sign up to be a Preferred Customer over the phone? No, you can only sign up to be a Preferred Customer via the website or by emailing the scanned form to the customer service department of your market.
  4. Do I have to pay to sign up to be a Preferred Customer? Yes, the first subscription costs €25 (plus VAT) and is valid for one calendar year. From the second year onwards, the annual subscription costs €15 (plus VAT).
  5. Is the Preferred Customer subscription fee payable in all European markets? Yes, payment of the subscription fee is mandatory in all European markets.
  6. If I sign up as a Preferred Customer and pay the initial €25 subscription fee, how long is the withdrawal period? The withdrawal period is 14 days from the enrolment date.
  7. Does the enrolment of Preferred Customers count for the compensation plan? Yes, the ID numbers of Preferred Customers count as new subscriptions in the compensation plan.
  8. From what date does the 90 day deadline for sending the paperwork start? The countdown starts on the day you sign up on your first frontline.
  9. Do the sponsor and the enroller of the Preferred Customer have to be the same person? Just as before, your sponsor and your enroller can be different, but they won’t count as frontline within the Builder Bonus programme.
  10. When do I need to pay the Preferred Customer subscription fee? The €25 subscription fee will be deducted as soon as you enrol.
  11. Does the subscriber receive a 25% commission on a Preferred Customer’s first order? Yes, the subscriber will continue to receive 25% of the total of the Preferred Customer’s first order.
  12. Can I generate a 4Life ID number without paying the €25 subscription fee? No. From 1 October, anyone who wants to generate a 4Life ID number will have to enrol as a Preferred Customer and pay the initial subscription fee.
  13. From 1 October, how can I sell products to my customers if I don’t have any new Preferred Customer subscriptions? Through My4Life, the website, or by calling Customer Service and providing your Distributor ID number. 


Szvercsokne Dumnova Marina, this will be your inroller, inviting you to the business and your sponsor, for your further work: 9557141You can call by international phone: +36 30456 4893You can do the initial registration here:

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