Appeal to the Hungarian doctors! #3

Appeal to the Hungarian doctors! #3

Dear Collegues!

Violation of biotransformation estrodiola and occurs as a consequence, the imbalance of estrogen-2 and C-16, causes the disease, which are called – estrogenozavisimymi. This is a myoma, breast, kistozah, polyps, endometriosis, adenomatosis, etc. For pathogenetic treatment of these diseases require safe inducers – cytochrome P-450, which can be applied systematically. To date, in the hands of the Russian medical practice there is no such drugs, with all the consequences stemming from this observation, surgery, observation, and so again Our already fairly extensive experience with TF in a variety of diseases, shows that the FF works fine with these pathologies. (Often, this side effect in the treatment of a completely different disease). The effectiveness of TF in the fight against infection, suppressing the hepatocytes, they display the properties of a potent inducer of the antioxidant system, as evidenced by studies in St. Petersburg Medical Academy. II Mechnikov and our observations provide an unambiguous conclusion: FF is an excellent inducer of biotransformation in the liver, making it pathogenic tool in the treatment of pathologies mentioned above.
Many doctors are recommending TF patients say they have improved potency, the resumption of hormonal activity. There are cures infertility. The most beneficial effect on the TF has a psycho-emotional state of patients. Showed a significant improvement of the digestive organs.
Meaning and significance of what we said, well understood by every doctor and, in our opinion, needs no comment.
In the practice of medicine a lot of treatment standards, guidelines, regulations and standards. They are all aimed at providing quality health care to the patient, and it is clear that the supreme law of the criterion, the principle is the welfare patient, his health, his economic interests, the entire complexity of life.
And if there is a new method or drug, tested and recommended by the Ministry of Health, which gives the best results, then he should be the method or drug of choice, even if it did not have time to amend the standard treatment.
The patient has the right to choose between well established and new, and we owe him the choice to give, especially if the treatment he pays himself.

Dear Colleagues,

We ask that you pay special attention to this method and these drugs, since their value is difficult to overestimate.
Somewhat unusual style of our presentation, emotional and popular, is dictated by the fact that, in our view, this information should be accessible to a wide-minded people, even those without special medical training.

Siberian group of physicians:

Karbysheva NV – Professor of Infectious Diseases AGMU, MD, corresponding member. IAELS, Barnaul.
Dolgikh TI – Head of the Academic Centre laboratory diagnosis of Omsk State Medical Academy, head CSRL, MD, professor, Omsk.
Streltsov, GP – MD, cardiologist, Novosibirsk.
Leonenko V. – MD, infectious disease, Irkutsk.
G. Chirkov – Pediatrician, Zheleznogorsk.
Zamyatko SA – Oncologist, Barnaul.
Prudnikov, PY – Surgeon, Novosibirsk.


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