Delta variant in Hungary

Delta variant in Hungary


In many countries, the number of new infections with Covid 19 is clearly increasing due to the delta variant. In Hungary, the latest report does not provide data on the percentage of new infections in which the delta variant was detected. All that is said in the text is that “the mutant delta virus is spreading in several countries, so we ask those who have not yet been vaccinated to do so.”

 So far, this appeal finds few people. Fewer than 10,000 (9,129) received their first vaccination in three days. Last week 31,892 people were vaccinated with the first dose. In early June, they were vaccinated every day.

What was just a warning sign last Thursday and Friday is now starting to clear up. As in some countries, the number of new coronavirus infections has begun to rise.


A total of 5,538,557 people received the first vaccination, 5,175,503 people have already received the second vaccination.

 The government’s coronavirus website no longer provides data on weekends, only the page refreshes with government members in the media.

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