BOGO with gifts in February

BOGO with gifts in February

The best products, great deals… you just can’t miss them!


Buy one product, get one, buy two, get two products for free!

Every day from February 22 (Tuesday) to February 25 (Friday), we are running the BOGO Promotion: Buy One Product Get One Product Free*. Each product combination will be different. We will post every day at 12:00 CET on our social media and messaging channels. You have to be quick! BOGO programs will be available until 23:59 CET or until supplies last. Each person with 4Life-ID (Partner and Preferred Client) can buy up to 3 BOGOs per day from their account.

You want more?

During this period, every new Preferred Customer receives a free registration with purchases from 50LP!
For new partners in Italy, they will receive a discount on the subscription fee and will be able to join 4Life for 15€!!!
You will also receive free shipping ** for purchases over 100 €. Remember that you can use UPS free shipping to make your orders more convenient.

Important for Hungary! You do not pay the 27% tax on gift drugs.

Isn’t that amazing! Tell your friends and family!

By purchasing a BOGO promotion, you agree to the following terms:

1. Limited stock for each BOGO promotion. Promotions will be available every day from 15:00 to 23:59 Central European Time (CET) or until stock lasts. Decide and order quickly.
2. As with any other promotion, the BOGO Promotion has an LP discount on the items you purchase. The free product has no LP cost.
3. No more than 3 BOGOs per 4Life ID (Partner, Preferred Customer and Italian Customer).
4. New Preferred Customer receives free registration with purchases from 50LP (excluding the Italian market 15 euros).
5. All affiliates and customers can enjoy free shipping ** for purchases over 100€.
6.Available through, 4Life App and MyShop.
7. Returns are made in accordance with the 4Life Research return policy.
8. For the Italian market: new partners *** receive a discount on the monthly fee of 15 euros upon registration.

When will each product combination be revealed?
Daily at 12:00 via our European chat blog Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Group, WhatsApp and Telegram. Each promotion will be available from 15:00 to 23:59 CET or until stock lasts.

How many shares of Bogo can I buy?
There is a limit of 3 BOGOs for affiliates, preferred clients and clients from Italy.

Does BOGO Promotions offer LP discounts?
Yes, as with most 4Life promotions. The amount of LP of the product you buy is reduced as part of the BOGO promotion.

Is there a unit limit for each BOGO promotion?
Yes, all BOGO stocks have a limited supply. Buy your favorite combos quickly and the most successful BOGO’S can be gone in minutes!

How does free registration work during BOGO?
If you register a new preferred customer and he/she makes the first order starting from 50 LP, the subscription fee will be free (does not apply to Italy). This purchase can include up to 3 BOGO promotions, but can also be a regular order. You don’t need to buy a BOGO promotion to get free registration.

Will the free enrollment promotion be available throughout Europe?
Yes, it will be available in all European markets.

Is free shipping included in BOGO promotions?
You will receive free shipping for purchases over 100 €**

* The amount of LP of the purchased product is reduced with BOGO advertising.
** Learn more about our shipping rates
*** In order to activate the Italian Code Affiliate Life Rewards Plan, you must have Enhanced Customer Life Points (PCLP) for bookings made by customers.

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