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Transfer Factor for sports

Спорт- для- женщин

When playing sports, taking the Transfer of Factors contributes to:
-improving the level of energy and qualities of general and special endurance;
-stability of the body under hypoxia up to 30-40%;
-improving psychomotor reactions and increasing mental clarity;
-resistance to psycho-emotional stress, concentration and concentration;
– Strengthening the body’s defense against exacerbation of latent infections and chronic diseases, the body’s resistance (resistance) to the influence of external factors;
– acceleration of recovery processes from stress and rehabilitation after injuries.
-effective in older athletes.

Transfer Factor is an indispensable assistant for an athlete at any age.
Professional athletes are advised to take Transfer Factor from a very young age.

Dosage Transfer Factor depends on the age, weight, health status of the athlete.

Professional athletes:

During a normal training process:
TF Plus at 3 cap / day and TF Trey at 3 cap / day

During training (from 2 or more trainings per day):
Transfer Factor Plus at 4-6 cap / day and Transfer Factor Tray at 6 cap / day

During the competition:

TF Plus at 4-6 cap / day, TF Tray at 6 cap / day

To relieve psychological fatigue in athletes, take:
TF Plus 6-9 capsules per day, depending on weight.

The use of Transfer Factor Cardio for the prevention of heart disease is recommended, since in athletes this organ has tremendous loads and wears out very quickly.


Transfer Factors is the coordinator of our system, which restores and normalizes the functioning of the immune system, and subsequently the work of the whole body, revealing hidden pathologies and disorders, but it is very important to know that, in addition to violations, Transfer Factor helps the body find and use its own forces.

Anyone who is faced with intense physical activity, which can include visiting the gym and swimming pool, practicing various sports, we also recommend using Transfer Factors. No matter what type of load you prefer, the body reacts to them the same. Here is a list of these wonderful products: 4life ENERGY GoyStix, Transform BURN, Renuvo, peptide cocktail Pro TF,Clutamine Prime.

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