Bank EU 4life Research


Dear 4Life Distributors,

It is our goal as your corporate office to provide you with as many tools possible to help your business grow and be successful. To provide you with more payment options we not only accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards, but we also have three bank accounts so that direct deposits can be made.

Please read carefully the purpose of each bank account. The bank will need to know the Order ID/confirmation number, the amount of the transfer and the following information found below relating to the correct bank:

This Banco Santander ” 4Life Research Spain SL” account is for all distributors placing orders to the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece,

Hungary, Ireland,  Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia,

Slovenia, Sweden or Switzerland.

  Bank name          : Banco Santander

     Account Name   : 4Life Research Spain SL

      IBAN                       : ES9700491819162611023708

      Bank Awift BiC    : BSCHESMM

If you or a bank employee have questions, please call: +36 80 088 108

How to do it right?

Call: +36 80 088 108 and make an order to pay in cash at the bank for the following goods: list the products, or, best of all, fill this order in your account.

Stage 2 After your personal call to the office of 4 life in Barcelona, ​​you will be sent a letter to your address where there will be an identification number of the order ID and the final amount of payment for the parcel.

3- With the order number ID ……. and a bank account, you go to any bank in Hungary.

will carry out the operation of payment for your parcel by accepting the amount in cash from you (HUF / EUR).

4-As soon as the money gets into the office, they will immediately form a package for you.


You can wait for the transaction on the banks (Hungary-Spain) with you and you will immediately receive from the manager

“Confirmation” of the transfer of money. Therefore, call the telephone number again: +36 80 088 108 to the central office.

Good l