Appeal to the Hungarian doctors! #1

Appeal to the Hungarian doctors! #1

Dear Colleagues!

Appeared method of prevention and treatment, which can be called prirodosoobraznym!
In the popular form, the work of TF preparations can be summarized as follows. TF – small signaling molecules of about 5 kDa, composed, and 44 amino acids (polypeptide), are the agents of transmission of immune information from cell to cell, from organism to organism. It can be understood as a medium on which recorded information is immune to further transfer it somewhere else, hence the name – transfer factor (transfer factor). TF vidonespetsifichen, so dedicated, such as from cow colostrum and egg yolk, it is effective as a remedy for the people.
It is assumed that inducers of TF synthesis and secretion are dendritic cells. Activated their T-lymphocytes synthesize TF, which is finding its receptor sends a signal to NK cells with the marker CD56 and activates the synthesis and secretion of IFN-gamma. The latter, through a cascade of events that causes a specific immune response. In addition, TF has the property that enhance the functional activity of NK cells.

The organism is almost “full of” transfer of own production factors. Especially numerous in the white blood cells in the lymph nodes and thymus. We can say that the immune information circulates in the body of the cells of the immune memory to the periphery and back, adding to stored data on the new “developments”, thanks to transfer factors on which it is recorded for transport. The problem is that the overwhelming number of people this information circulating immune distorted, is not adequate to the tasks, since it is not the most important component – a full genetic memory. The fact that it is using the transfer factors relevant maternal immune experience transmitted vertebrate cubs at their birth. Birds lay their eggs yolks TF, and mammals – transfer from colostrum. That is where the wonderful, the very nature of the channel transfer immune information from organism to organism! For a man, as in mammals, this is the oral way! But a few decades in a row and in this country and abroad, his mother could not give such protection to your child! Colostrum is considered immature, milk, and infant delivered to the chest until the third day. In immunological terms, it is a lost generation! But, fortunately, we do not lose the channel and can replenish your body’s immune-quality information instead of (or in opposition to) a distorted, immunopathological. When you receive a FF through the intestine into the blood enters the immune qualitative information, which begins to circulate in the body along with the defect. And the more we got FF, the more the body’s immune share adequate information, which then fall into the immune memory, displacing corrupted “files”. For the first time it is possible to “reprogram” the immune system and to remove, for example, the very cause of autoimmune or atopic processes.

What are the results obtained.
In the pathogenesis of viral hepatitis B and C, in the course and outcome of disease leading role belongs to immune mechanisms. Or the immune system recognizes and generates adequate infection-specific response, or – the chronicity and immunopathology with all its consequences.
Antiviral therapy with interferons that are considered drugs of choice, has a list of contraindications, the introduction of interferon extremely hard tolerated by patients, the organism responsible for production of recombinant IFN antibodies. IFN inducers are autoimmune processes. The effectiveness of IFN therapy (hepatitis C) by the WHO standards – about 25%. Great length of treatment (24-48) weeks and the cost. Conducting re-treatment, in case of failure, it is very problematic.
Studies from the Department of Infectious Diseases AGMU in Barnaul, and already considerable practical experience of a group of physicians, infectious disease Barnaul, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk show that just two weeks after the start of TF noted a significant improvement over being sick (asthenic-vegetative syndrome) decrease yellowness (bilirubin) and a decrease hyperenzymemia (ALT, AST) than conventional IFN therapy. While the drug is administered orally rather than intramuscularly, and not only has no side effects as fever, joint pain, and asthenia, up to the psychological breakdowns and depression, as with IFN-therapy, but on the contrary – has beneficial effects on the immune , endocrine, cardiovascular, nervous systems, on the whole body! If you say emotionally: nothing but good! In clinical studies, the results were monitored and compared at three and six months later and were virtually identical, on average, 65% (hepatitis C, of ​​course, below) of the complete virological remission in patients treated with standard IFN-therapy and FF. Given that the dosage was relatively modest (two-week course, three months, take 2 capsules three times a day), on the basis of further living practice, it is insufficient. The cost of this treatment was about 6000 rubles, which is incomparably cheaper than IFN-therapy, even if the reception TF doubled! I would like to pay special attention to that timeframe, not only does not induce immunopathology, as IFN, but blocks the emergence and development. Furthermore, even if not achieved 100% result, the patient’s condition significantly improved. A second course – not problematic.

Siberian group of physicians:
Karbysheva NV – Professor of Infectious Diseases AGMU, MD, corresponding member. IAELS, Barnaul.
Dolgikh TI – Head of the Academic Centre laboratory diagnosis of Omsk State Medical Academy, head CSRL, MD, professor, Omsk.
Streltsov, GP – MD, cardiologist, Novosibirsk.
Leonenko V. – MD, infectious disease, Irkutsk.
G. Chirkov – Pediatrician, Zheleznogorsk.
Zamyatko SA – Oncologist, Barnaul.
Prudnikov, PY – Surgeon, Novosibirsk.

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