Appeal to the doctors of Hungary!

Appeal to the doctors of Hungary!

Appeal to the doctors of Hungary!

Lateral A.G., Kremlin Clinic of Moscow

Dear Colleagues,

We experienced doctors of various specialties, we want to address you with important information to share with you the results of our research, observations, practical and scientific point of view and their ideas.

We are talking about the new features immunorehabilitation in infectious and inflammatory diseases and somatic drugs with Transfer Factor, Transfer Factor Plus and Transfer Factor Tri on the basis of transfer factors produced by special technology from colostrum and egg yolks, the company 4LIFE Research (Research for Life) U.S. .
In the struggle of an organism with a foreign agent, whether bacterial or viral infection or abnormal, the cancer cells are only two possible outcomes: either the successful formation of a specific immune response and reset the foreign agent, or immunopathology, manifested in the inability of the immune system to recognize, destroy and eliminate it . In the second case occurs chronicity of infections, the development of cancer and autoimmune processes, the cascade of immunopathological reactions. With chronic infection associated peptic ulcer disease today, cardiovascular disease, including atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, angina pectoris. In septic inflammation does not protect the antioxidant system, violated the processes of biotransformation and detoxification of hormones, is developing an imbalance of the endocrine system. In practice, it became impossible to distinguish between infectious and somatic diseases.
In other words, immunopathology become crucial in violation of public health.
Conventional treatments for the above pathologies, such as antibiotic, chemotherapy and radiation, IFN-therapy, as well as immunnosupressornaya, antihistamines, hormone replacement therapy, and so do significantly exacerbate immunopathological condition, causing complications and new diseases.
This impasse, which has gone conventional, medication, therapy posimptomnaya the late twentieth century and, of course, understands this all thinking physicians.
Familiar, well-established treatments are ineffective, or simply dangerous to the patient’s health without addressing the immunopathology, primary and secondary immunodeficiencies.
Simple, mechanistic methods of drug immunoaktivatsii or suppression of long demonstrated its complete failure. Various natural and immunocorrectors adaptogens, such as echinacea, ginseng, cat’s claw, cordyceps, Morinda, etc., used in medicine a long time, but their use is due to a coincidence of their composition and properties of the tasks of therapy and, of course, not all properties of the created nature of organized physician. Their application – the result of empirical selection.
About Transfer Factor we can say that for the first time in history in the hands of the practical doctor got a tool that was created by nature itself, as a universal key to the regulation of the immune system, the general and specific resistance of the organism in all vertebrates in general, and humans in particular.
The advantage of TF over other immunomodulators, that it is completely safe and harmless, is administered orally, has no contraindications to the use does not cause side effects, is equally effective for both adults and children.
As a universal immunomodulators, induces or suppresses TF, ie, normalize the immune response, based on the situation. Indeed, it is – a “smart” drug.
Details of the mechanism of action of TF can be found in a letter to Health Ministry Toolkit № 14/231 of 30.07.2004, the
It should be noted that the very appearance of such a letter to Health Ministry, in fact dedicated to one drug, which has the status of Bud, and even foreign-made case is unprecedented.
The fact that the letter drugs are recommended timeframes in the Ministry of Health of severe pathology, as hepatitis B and C in peptic ulcer disease, HIV infection, atopic conditions, cancers, osteomyelitis, opisthorchiasis, and so on, including how and primary means of treatment, finally makes a clear conclusion: this Bud is not it! These drugs are called Transfer Factor

Siberian group of physicians:

Karbysheva NV – Professor of Infectious Diseases AGMU, MD, corresponding member. IAELS, Barnaul.
Dolgikh TI – Head of the Academic Centre laboratory diagnosis of Omsk State Medical Academy, head CSRL, MD, professor, Omsk.
Streltsov, GP – MD, cardiologist, Novosibirsk.
Leonenko V. – MD, infectious disease, Irkutsk.
G. Chirkov – Pediatrician, Zheleznogorsk.
Zamyatko SA – Oncologist, Barnaul.

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