What to expect from coronavirus vaccines

What to expect from coronavirus vaccines


What to expect from coronavirus vaccines. “It is gratifying that there were no serious side effects reported in Hungary after their introduction,” said Janos Slavik. He says vaccine reactions are much less common than other previous vaccinations. Transient muscle fever, numbness and redness may occur, but no serious side effects have been reported. By the way, millions of people around the world have already been vaccinated with this vaccine, and statistics show that one in 100,000 cases may develop a reaction to vaccination requiring medical intervention, but this is only temporary, and vaccination centers are ready for this. Based on all this, the vaccination against coronavirus János Slavík called vaccination without side effects, safe and effective. The chief physician stressed that more than 95 percent of those vaccinated will not get the virus a week after the second vaccination, but if they do, the course of the disease will definitely not be severe or tragic. With the Moderna vaccine also arriving in Hungary in addition to Pfizer / Biontech, and the AstraZeneca vaccine also available in Oxford, he said it would be good if more and more vaccines would arrive in one country. He added that AstraZeneca is different, it is also completely safe and effective. The chief physician also talked about his good experience of vaccinating healthcare workers, more and more people want to protect themselves from infection and prevent its transmission to others. While we still have years to develop drugs to treat COVID-19, a new treatment will soon be available in Hungary.





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