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Each morning you have the whole day ahead of you, and there is no better way to start than with a good breakfast, looking after your nutrition. It is also important to combine a good diet with exercise. However, you can still do more. As important as exercise is a stretching routine that will keep your joints healthy and improve flexibility and agility. I try to start each day with one of my passions: going out to run a minimum of 5 km. I prepare before I leave with the best sports supplements and my favourite blend: Glutamine™ and Renuvo™. After my run, I spend some time checking social media while I enjoy a good recovery with Fibro AMJ™ and PRO-TF™, the best and most delicious protein on the market. In this second edition of the 4Life Style Magazine we invite you to discover the importance of stretching and to find out how you can achieve transformation in a different way with the 4Life products. “We invite you to discover the importance of stretching”.
RAFAEL FERNÁNDEZ European Vice President, 4Life Research


Depending on your lifestyle, your muscles and joints need stretches of varying intensities.
Answers mostly  You have a sedentary lifestyle. You should start activating your body with basic aerobic exercises and gentle stretching.
You have a moderate lifestyle. It might be enough if you are doing 30 minutes of exercise at least 5 days a week. If not, step it up!
It’s possible you have an active lifestyle. Keep up the good work and do intensive stretching exercises!
Living an active life helps you stay healthy and prevent illness. It contributes to weight control, improves self-esteem, increases strength and flexibility, and optimises sleep.

Sitting in a chair, place your ankle on the opposite knee, taking care not to raise your hip, and bend your body forwards and down, keeping it as straight as possible. After 20 seconds, repeat the exercise with the other leg.
Sitting in a chair with your legs slightly apart and heels parallel on the floor, lower your torso without lifting your hip from the seat. If you prefer, try holding onto the chair frame and force the stretch. Hold the position for 30 seconds.

If you spend six or more hours per day sitting down, you need to perform stretches that relax the entire back area, because often all the tension of the day ends up accumulating in the region around the neck. Avoid stiff limbs by performing simple stretches lik.
The human body is designed to move, at all ages. From light stretching to high-performance sport, the musculoskeletal system needs to receive specific nutrients in order to stay healthy and become more agile and flexible. Regular intake of Fibro AMJ™ provides glucosamine and MSM, structural components of cartilage. Two herbal components, Boswellia serrata and devil’s claw, help prevent joint inflammation. Magnesium and vitamin B6 contribute to muscle energy production.


4lifeTransform  30-day accelerator pack. Accelerator products

-TF™ Chocolate Patented protein supplement tested by university studies that helps to maintain and increase muscle mass.   Supplement your protein needs with PRO-TF in the morning and after exercise on workout days.

4LifeTransform Burn™

Fat burner with ingredients that contribute to normal fat metabolism and help to control body weight.   Take two capsules daily, preferably one hour before exercise on workout days.

Renuvo™ 4Life Transfer Factor combined with ingredients that help protect cells against oxidative damage . Take two capsules daily.

RiteStart™ Unisex 

Multivitamin, mineral and essential fatty acid supplement.    Take one packet every morning.

Energy Go Stix™ Berry  A synergistic blend of 4Life Transfer Factor, caffeine, taurine, L-glutamine and L-arginine for preparing an energy drink with a delicious flavour .  Use as a pre-workout energy drink or any time you need a boost. Take one packet daily.

Riovida Stix™  Food supplement with sweeteners, mineral salts and 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor. With this practical  packet, you can prepare a refreshing drink with mineral salts to help you achieve good hydration during the transformation process.  Enjoy one packet daily.

Glutamine Prime™  4Life Transfer Factor combined with amino acids that help promote natural production of glutathione, a powerful natural antioxidant in the body.  Take four capsules daily. For best results,  take two capsules in the morning and two at night.



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