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Signature newbie site 4life Research


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Club 4life Research

If you decide to become a member of the 4life Research Hungary team, you need your personal number to access the internet site of the central office in Europe. You should know that this is a private website, all distributors in the 4life Research Hungary team should know the rules of orders and rules of rewards for orders, for work in the company. Please read them at the bottom of the site in the Marketing section.
How to start distributor registration of your newcomer?
If you are a beginner, you must know the number of your sponsor, to enter the site, his name and surname, your address, personal passport number. It looks like this:
You are authorized, you get to register: “Register now.”
Being in the office of your sponsor, you fill in a short questionnaire with your data, and get your sponsorship number immediately to your online address. As a newbie, you pay an admission fee of 25 euro with tax: 30 euro.
Attention! There will be a sponsor number and an inroller number (Enroller) of your person, from whom you received all the primary information about the company and products. (You went to the site with this number). The second important point is to tick the Privileged Buyer, This is important for receiving gifts and discounts from the company.  After that, you can order any products on the company’s website and enjoy all the benefits from the products.


Option 2: You can pay for a room in a private club Hungary 4life, when the number has already been received, but a fee has not been paid. A quota of 25 euros (30) will appear along with the products and will be added to the amount of the first order of the novice. any product, then go to the payment, but immediately remove the added product, and you will have 30 € for the final payment (the basket will be empty and the delivery amount will be “0”) – this is the fee: 25 € + tax. You go further and pay it as a normal order. From this moment the quota is paid, and you can make any new orders from this account, it is your legal. Attention of sponsors! You can pay for it yourself, for a beginner. You can use our registration form on this site:

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