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Transfer Factor – trains, configures and programs the …

our immune system!

The immune system in a broad sense, this entire system to protect people from threats around the world.She fights with all the dangers: infections, stress, free radicals, poisonings, burns, toxins, fatigue, parasites, foreign cells, cancerous tumors, cholesterol plaques, etc.

. Daily faced with diverse, changing viruses, microbes and other threats, the immune system acquires new skills, remember the information. Such an “expert” has exactly the immunity, low rate s and, more importantly, much faster.

     In fact, when our body is faced with the first infection, the immune system must first recognize it, and then destroy. This process takes 10 to 14 days. After this, the immune system “remembers” the offender and his second attack, we usually do not notice, so respond quickly and effectively, our system of protection. Relaxer in my childhood, “chickenpox, for example, we do not get sick to her until his death.     This means that the immune information is stored for many years in the thymus, the cells of the immune memory. Immune cells live 1-3 months – and replaced with new ones that read the stored information in the thymus and “competent” are!

Dr.H.Sherwood Lawrence

In 1949, Lawrence (H.S Lawrence) found that the immune information can be transmitted from one organism to another, when administered to him an extract of white blood cells containing a specific molecule to which immune and recorded experience of the first.These molecules, which have very small size and weight of about 5 kilodaltons, consisting of 44 amino acids were identified transfer factors (transfer).Soon, scientists have found that they are the same in all vertebrates, and therefore do not need to take from the person.A lot of TF in the blood, but even more in the colostrum and egg yolk!

       Since the discovery of more than 3,000 published scientific papers on FF XI and held international symposiums on the subject.

The cub is born with an innate vertebrate immunity, but has not purchased and may die before it accumulates.But the mother, this immune experience has been gained and saved! Nature comes just and reasonable – maternal experience, recorded on a FF is transmitted immediately calf at birth in mammals – with the first drops of colostrum. At birth, we need to get the immune information, consisting of two “files”: his – and my mother’s birth – gained by it. That is the plan!But for decades, brought the child to his chest until the third day – it was believed that colostrum is bad!

-a-csalalad -

Almost all adults in this country have not received adequate immune information at birth and are initially deformed and the deformed wrong “program” the immune system.Factors such as the deteriorating ecology, antibiotic use, increasing the pace of life, stress, the structure of power, even increase this strain.

For example, the activity of NK cells (NK cells), which must destroy cancer and virus-infected cells, with relatively healthy people in Russia and the U.S. is about 30-50 units of activity, at a rate of 150 – 200!Reduction in 4-5 times!  Is it any wonder orgy of cancer and viral infections?    

        What happens if a program of the immune system lies distorted information?

   Cancer     In the body of every person under the influence of solar and terrestrial radiation on a daily basis is formed about 80 million cancer cells – and do not worry, as CTL (cytotoxic lymphocytes), NK cells and then destroy them all!Balance – and everything is in order .. But if the immune response develops slowly, the cancer cells have time to mutate and escape from immune surveillance by!Cancer occurs only when it allows the immune system when it reacts with delay and can not distinguish between cancer cells!

Autoimmune processes ..   (Systemic lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, glomerulonephritis, rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune thyroiditis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, hemorrhagic vasculitis, etc.)

These diseases arise due to increased levels of circulating immune complexes after previous infection, and after the introduction of vaccines and serums, due to drug intolerance.In rheumatoid arthritis, for example, as antigens in autoimmune yzyvayuschih process may make the antigens of bacterial, viral and parasitic origin even.Simply put, for the above reasons, damaged, training and management program immune cells, which cease to distinguish normal, healthy cells from infected or cancerous, and begin to attack and destroy healthy cells in the body, until his death.The immune system is unable to stop in time!

Our mission is to ensure that all people know that there is now way out of those situations, health where they simply did not exist!

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